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Make coqchk slightly happier with prelude/pretty

Unfortunately, it still fails in iris.prelude.pretty.pretty_N_inj
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......@@ -32,7 +32,8 @@ Lemma pretty_N_go_step x s :
= pretty_N_go (x `div` 10) (String (pretty_N_char (x `mod` 10)) s).
unfold pretty_N_go; intros; destruct (wf_guard 32 N.lt_wf_0 x).
unfold pretty_N_go_help; fold pretty_N_go_help.
destruct wf_guard. (* this makes coqchk happy. *)
unfold pretty_N_go_help at 1; fold pretty_N_go_help.
by destruct (decide (0 < x)%N); auto using pretty_N_go_help_irrel.
Instance pretty_N : Pretty N := λ x, pretty_N_go x ""%string.
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