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FromAssumption instances.

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......@@ -86,6 +86,13 @@ Proof.
apply bi.affinely_persistently_if_elim.
Global Instance from_assumption_make_monPred_all P Q :
FromAssumption p P Q FromAssumption p (monPred_all P) Q.
Proof. intros ?. by rewrite /FromAssumption monPred_all_elim. Qed.
Global Instance from_assumption_make_monPred_ex P Q :
FromAssumption p P Q FromAssumption p P (monPred_ex Q).
Proof. intros ?. by rewrite /FromAssumption -monPred_ex_intro. Qed.
Global Instance as_valid_monPred_at φ P (Φ : I PROP) :
AsValid φ P ( i, MakeMonPredAt i P (Φ i)) AsValid' φ ( i, Φ i) | 100.
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