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Use consistent meta variables for `wp_invariance`.

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......@@ -209,15 +209,15 @@ Proof.
iIntros (v2 t2'' [= -> <-]). by rewrite to_of_val.
Corollary wp_invariance Σ Λ `{!invPreG Σ} s e σ1 t2 σ2 φ :
Corollary wp_invariance Σ Λ `{!invPreG Σ} s e1 σ1 t2 σ2 φ :
( `{Hinv : !invG Σ} κs,
(stateI : state Λ list (observation Λ) nat iProp Σ)
(fork_post : val Λ iProp Σ),
let _ : irisG Λ Σ := IrisG _ _ Hinv stateI fork_post in
stateI σ1 κs 0 WP e @ s; {{ _, True }}
stateI σ1 κs 0 WP e1 @ s; {{ _, True }}
(stateI σ2 [] (pred (length t2)) - E, |={,E}=> ⌜φ⌝))%I)
rtc erased_step ([e], σ1) (t2, σ2)
rtc erased_step ([e1], σ1) (t2, σ2)
intros Hwp [n [κs ?]]%erased_steps_nsteps.
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