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Misc languages changes.

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Require Import prelude.prelude.
Require Export modures.base.
Class Language (E V St : Type) := {
of_val : V E;
......@@ -18,6 +18,13 @@ Class Language (E V St : Type) := {
Section language.
Context `{Language E V St}.
Lemma atomic_of_val v : ¬atomic (of_val v).
by intros Hat; apply atomic_not_value in Hat; rewrite to_of_val in Hat.
Global Instance: Injective (=) (=) of_val.
Proof. by intros v v' Hv; apply (injective Some); rewrite -!to_of_val Hv. Qed.
Definition cfg : Type := (list E * St)%type.
Inductive step (ρ1 ρ2 : cfg) : Prop :=
| step_atomic e1 σ1 e2 σ2 ef t1 t2 :
......@@ -30,7 +37,7 @@ Section language.
Definition stepn := nsteps step.
Record is_ctx (K : E E) := IsCtx {
is_ctx_value e : is_Some (to_val (K e)) is_Some (to_val e);
is_ctx_value e : to_val e = None to_val (K e) = None;
is_ctx_step_preserved e1 σ1 e2 σ2 ef :
prim_step e1 σ1 e2 σ2 ef prim_step (K e1) σ1 (K e2) σ2 ef;
is_ctx_step e1' σ1 e2 σ2 ef :
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