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Document csimpl.

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......@@ -117,7 +117,13 @@ does the converse. *)
Ltac var_eq x1 x2 := match x1 with x2 => idtac | _ => fail 1 end.
Ltac var_neq x1 x2 := match x1 with x2 => fail 1 | _ => idtac end.
(** Hacks to let simpl fold type class projections *)
(** Operational type class projections in recursive calls are not folded back
appropriately by [simpl]. The tactic [csimpl] uses the [fold_classes] tactics
to refold recursive calls of [fmap], [mbind], [omap] and [alter]. A
self-contained example explaining the problem can be found in the following
Coq-club message: *)
Ltac fold_classes :=
repeat match goal with
| |- appcontext [ ?F ] =>
......@@ -160,7 +166,7 @@ Tactic Notation "csimpl" := try (progress simpl; fold_classes).
Tactic Notation "csimpl" "in" "*" :=
repeat_on_hyps (fun H => csimpl in H); csimpl.
(* The tactic [simplify_eq] repeatedly substitutes, discriminates,
(** The tactic [simplify_eq] repeatedly substitutes, discriminates,
and injects equalities, and tries to contradict impossible inequalities. *)
Tactic Notation "simplify_eq" := repeat
match goal with
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