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Ofe and Cofe structures on vectors.

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......@@ -53,6 +53,7 @@ theories/algebra/iprod.v
From iris.prelude Require Export vector.
From iris.algebra Require Export ofe.
From iris.algebra Require Import list.
Section ofe.
Context {A : ofeT}.
Instance vec_equiv m : Equiv (vec A m) := equiv (A:=list A).
Instance vec_dist m : Dist (vec A m) := dist (A:=list A).
Definition vec_ofe_mixin m : OfeMixin (vec A m).
- intros x y. apply (equiv_dist (A:=listC A)).
- unfold dist, vec_dist. split.
by intros ?. by intros ??. by intros ?????; etrans.
- intros. by apply (dist_S (A:=listC A)).
Canonical Structure vecC m : ofeT := OfeT (vec A m) (vec_ofe_mixin m).
Global Instance vnil_timeless : Timeless (@vnil A).
Proof. intros v _. by inv_vec v. Qed.
Global Instance vcons_timeless n x (v : vec A n) :
Timeless x Timeless v Timeless (x ::: v).
intros ?? v' ?. inv_vec v'=>x' v'. inversion_clear 1.
constructor. by apply timeless. change (v v'). by apply timeless.
Global Instance vec_discrete_cofe m : Discrete A Discrete (vecC m).
Proof. intros ? v. induction v; apply _. Qed.
End ofe.
Arguments vecC : clear implicits.
Typeclasses Opaque vec_dist.
Section proper.
Context {A : ofeT}.
Global Instance vcons_ne n :
Proper (dist n ==> forall_relation (λ _, dist n ==> dist n)) (@vcons A).
Proof. by constructor. Qed.
Global Instance vcons_proper :
Proper (equiv ==> forall_relation (λ _, equiv ==> equiv)) (@vcons A).
Proof. by constructor. Qed.
Global Instance vlookup_ne n m :
Proper (dist n ==> eq ==> dist n) (@Vector.nth A m).
intros v. induction v as [|x m v IH]; intros v'; inv_vec v'.
- intros _ x. inversion x.
- intros x' v' EQ i ? <-. inversion_clear EQ. inv_fin i; first done.
intros i. by apply IH.
Global Instance vlookup_proper m :
Proper (equiv ==> eq ==> equiv) (@Vector.nth A m).
intros ??????. apply equiv_dist=>?. subst. f_equiv. by apply equiv_dist.
Global Instance vec_to_list_ne n m :
Proper (dist n ==> dist n) (@vec_to_list A m).
Proof. intros ?? H. apply H. Qed.
Global Instance vec_to_list_proper m :
Proper (equiv ==> equiv) (@vec_to_list A m).
Proof. intros ?? H. apply H. Qed.
End proper.
Section cofe.
Context `{Cofe A}.
Global Program Instance list_cofe m : Cofe (vecC A m) :=
{| compl c :=
eq_rect _ (vec A) (list_to_vec (compl (chain_map vec_to_list c))) _ _ |}.
Next Obligation.
intros. by rewrite (conv_compl 0) vec_to_list_length.
Next Obligation.
simpl. intros m n c. unfold dist, ofe_dist, vecC, vec_dist.
destruct (list_cofe_obligation_1 m c).
by rewrite /= vec_to_list_of_list conv_compl.
End cofe.
(** Functor *)
Definition vec_map {A B : ofeT} m (f : A B) : vecC A m vecC B m :=
@vmap A B f m.
Lemma vec_map_ext_ne {A B : ofeT} m (f g : A B) (v : vec A m) n :
( x, f x {n} g x) vec_map m f v {n} vec_map m g v.
intros Hf. eapply (list_fmap_ext_ne f g v) in Hf.
by rewrite -!vec_to_list_map in Hf.
Instance vec_map_ne {A B : ofeT} m f n :
Proper (dist n ==> dist n) f
Proper (dist n ==> dist n) (@vec_map A B m f).
intros ??? H. eapply list_fmap_ne in H; last done.
by rewrite -!vec_to_list_map in H.
Definition vecC_map {A B : ofeT} m (f : A -n> B) : vecC A m -n> vecC B m :=
CofeMor (vec_map m f).
Instance vecC_map_ne {A A'} m n :
Proper (dist n ==> dist n) (@vecC_map A A' m).
Proof. intros f g ? v. by apply vec_map_ext_ne. Qed.
Program Definition vecCF (F : cFunctor) m : cFunctor := {|
cFunctor_car A B := vecC (cFunctor_car F A B) m;
cFunctor_map A1 A2 B1 B2 fg := vecC_map m (cFunctor_map F fg)
Next Obligation.
intros F A1 A2 B1 B2 n m f g Hfg. by apply vecC_map_ne, cFunctor_ne.
Next Obligation.
intros F m A B l.
change (vec_to_list (vec_map m (cFunctor_map F (cid, cid)) l) l).
rewrite vec_to_list_map. apply listCF.
Next Obligation.
intros F m A1 A2 A3 B1 B2 B3 f g f' g' l.
change (vec_to_list (vec_map m (cFunctor_map F (f g, g' f')) l)
vec_map m (cFunctor_map F (g, g')) (vec_map m (cFunctor_map F (f, f')) l)).
rewrite !vec_to_list_map. by apply (cFunctor_compose (listCF F) f g f' g').
Instance vecCF_contractive F m :
cFunctorContractive F cFunctorContractive (vecCF F m).
by intros ?? A1 A2 B1 B2 n ???; apply vecC_map_ne; first apply cFunctor_contractive.
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