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Improve docs for `iModIntro`.

Based om !467 (comment 53064)
by @Blaisorblade.
parent c2019dd3
......@@ -131,8 +131,12 @@ Modalities
used to specify which modalities this tactic should introduce. Instances of
that type class include: later, except 0, basic update and fancy update,
intuitionistically, persistently, affinely, plainly, absorbingly, objectively,
and subjectively. The optional argument `mod` can be used to specify what
modality to introduce in case of ambiguity, e.g. `⎡|==> P⎤`.
and subjectively. The optional argument `mod` is a term pattern (i.e., a term
with holes as underscores). If present, `iModIntro` will find a subterm
matching `mod`, and try introducing its topmost modality. For instance, if the
goal is `⎡|==> P⎤`, using `iModIntro ⎡|==> P⎤%I` or `iModIntro ⎡_⎤%I` would
introduce `⎡_⎤` and produce goal `|==> P`, while `iModIntro (|==> _)%I` would
introduce `|==>` and produce goal `⎡P⎤`.
- `iAlways` : a deprecated alias of `iModIntro`.
- `iNext n` : an alias of `iModIntro (▷^n _)`.
- `iNext` : an alias of `iModIntro (▷^_ _)`.
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