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wp_load: use proof mode

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......@@ -160,20 +160,17 @@ Section heap.
iIntros "Hheap". iApply "HΦ". by rewrite /heap_mapsto.
Lemma wp_load N E l q v P Φ :
P heap_ctx N nclose N E
P ( l {q} v (l {q} v - Φ v))
P WP Load (Lit (LitLoc l)) @ E {{ Φ }}.
Lemma wp_load N E l q v Φ :
nclose N E
(heap_ctx N l {q} v (l {q} v - Φ v)) WP Load (Lit (LitLoc l)) @ E {{ Φ }}.
rewrite /heap_ctx /heap_inv=> ?? HPΦ.
iIntros {?} "[#Hinv [Hmapsto HΦ]]". rewrite /heap_ctx /heap_mapsto.
apply (auth_fsa' heap_inv (wp_fsa _) id)
with N heap_name {[ l := Frac q (DecAgree v) ]}; simpl; eauto with I.
rewrite HPΦ{HPΦ}; apply sep_mono_r, forall_intro=> h; apply wand_intro_l.
rewrite -assoc; apply const_elim_sep_l=> ?.
rewrite -(wp_load_pst _ (<[l:=v]>(of_heap h))) ?lookup_insert //.
rewrite const_equiv // left_id.
rewrite /heap_inv of_heap_singleton_op //.
apply sep_mono_r, later_mono, wand_intro_l. by rewrite -later_intro.
iFrame "Hmapsto". iIntros {h} "[% Hheap]". rewrite /heap_inv.
iApply (wp_load_pst _ (<[l:=v]>(of_heap h)));first by rewrite lookup_insert.
rewrite of_heap_singleton_op //. iFrame "Hheap". iNext.
iIntros "Hheap". iFrame "Hheap". iSplit; first by iPureIntro. done.
Lemma wp_store N E l v' e v P Φ :
......@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ Lemma tac_wp_load Δ Δ' N E i l q v Φ :
Δ' Φ v
Δ WP Load (Lit (LitLoc l)) @ E {{ Φ }}.
intros. eapply wp_load; eauto.
intros. rewrite -wp_load // -always_and_sep_l. apply and_intro; first done.
rewrite strip_later_env_sound -later_sep envs_lookup_split //; simpl.
by apply later_mono, sep_mono_r, wand_mono.
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