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......@@ -76,6 +76,11 @@ sed 's/\bPersistentP\b/Persistent/g; s/\bTimelessP\b/Timeless/g; s/\bCMRADiscret
* Define the generic `fill` operation of the `ectxi_language` construct in terms
of a left fold instead of a right fold. This gives rise to more definitional
* The language hierarchy (`language`, `ectx_language`, `ectxi_language`) is now
fully formalized using canonical structures instead of using a mixture of
type classes and canonical structures. Also, it now uses explicit mixins. The
file `program_logic/ectxi_language` contains some documentation on how to
setup Iris for your language.
* Improved big operators:
+ They are no longer tied to cameras, but work on any monoid
+ The version of big operations over lists was redefined so that it enjoys
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