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Add lemma pure_iff.

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......@@ -564,6 +564,8 @@ Proof. intros ->; apply iff_refl. Qed.
Lemma pure_mono φ1 φ2 : (φ1 φ2) φ1 φ2.
Proof. intros; apply pure_elim with φ1; eauto using pure_intro. Qed.
Lemma pure_iff φ1 φ2 : (φ1 φ2) φ1 φ2.
Proof. intros [??]; apply (anti_symm _); auto using pure_mono. Qed.
Lemma and_mono P P' Q Q' : (P Q) (P' Q') P P' Q Q'.
Proof. auto. Qed.
Lemma and_mono_l P P' Q : (P Q) P P' Q P'.
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