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Remove optionmap and assoc.

These are unused and not very useful anymore now that we have gmap.
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(* Copyright (c) 2012-2015, Robbert Krebbers. *)
(* This file is distributed under the terms of the BSD license. *)
Require Import prelude.mapset.
Require Export prelude.prelude prelude.fin_maps.
Record optionmap (M : Type Type) (A : Type) : Type :=
OptionMap { optionmap_None : option A; optionmap_Some : M A }.
Arguments optionmap_None {_ _} _.
Arguments optionmap_Some {_ _} _.
Arguments OptionMap {_ _} _ _.
Instance optionmap_eq_dec {M : Type Type} {A}
`{ x y : A, Decision (x = y), m1 m2 : M A, Decision (m1 = m2)}
(m1 m2 : optionmap M A) : Decision (m1 = m2).
Proof. solve_decision. Defined.
Section optionmap.
Context `{FinMap K M}.
Global Instance optionmap_empty {A} : Empty (optionmap M A) := OptionMap None .
Global Opaque optionmap_empty.
Global Instance optionmap_lookup {A} :
Lookup (option K) A (optionmap M A) := λ i m,
match i with
| None => optionmap_None m
| Some k => optionmap_Some m !! k
Global Instance optionmap_partial_alter {A} :
PartialAlter (option K) A (optionmap M A) := λ f i m,
match i, m with
| None, OptionMap o m => OptionMap (f o) m
| Some k, OptionMap o m => OptionMap o (partial_alter f k m)
Global Instance optionmap_to_list {A} :
FinMapToList (option K) A (optionmap M A) := λ m,
match m with
| OptionMap o m =>
default [] o (λ x, [(None,x)]) ++ (prod_map Some id <$> map_to_list m)
Global Instance optionmap_omap: OMap (optionmap M) := λ A B f m,
match m with OptionMap o m => OptionMap (o = f) (omap f m) end.
Global Instance optionmap_merge: Merge (optionmap M) := λ A B C f m1 m2,
match m1, m2 with
| OptionMap o1 m1, OptionMap o2 m2 => OptionMap (f o1 o2) (merge f m1 m2)
Global Instance optionmap_fmap: FMap (optionmap M) := λ A B f m,
match m with OptionMap o m => OptionMap (f <$> o) (f <$> m) end.
Global Instance: FinMap (option K) (optionmap M).
* intros ? [??] [??] Hlookup. f_equal; [apply (Hlookup None)|].
apply map_eq. intros k. apply (Hlookup (Some k)).
* intros ? [?|]. apply (lookup_empty k). done.
* intros ? f [? t] [k|]; simpl; [|done]. apply lookup_partial_alter.
* intros ? f [? t] [k|] [|k']; simpl; try intuition congruence.
intros; apply lookup_partial_alter_ne; congruence.
* intros ??? [??] []; simpl. apply lookup_fmap. done.
* intros ? [[x|] m]; unfold map_to_list; simpl.
+ constructor.
- rewrite elem_of_list_fmap. by intros [[??] [??]].
- by apply (NoDup_fmap _), NoDup_map_to_list.
+ apply (NoDup_fmap _), NoDup_map_to_list.
* intros ? m k x. unfold map_to_list. split.
+ destruct m as [[y|] m]; simpl.
- rewrite elem_of_cons, elem_of_list_fmap.
intros [? | [[??] [??]]]; simplify_equality'; [done |].
by apply elem_of_map_to_list.
- rewrite elem_of_list_fmap; intros [[??] [??]]; simplify_equality'.
by apply elem_of_map_to_list.
+ destruct m as [[y|] m]; simpl.
- rewrite elem_of_cons, elem_of_list_fmap.
destruct k as [k|]; simpl; [|intuition congruence].
intros. right. exists (k,x). by rewrite elem_of_map_to_list.
- rewrite elem_of_list_fmap.
destruct k as [k|]; simpl; [|done].
intros. exists (k,x). by rewrite elem_of_map_to_list.
* intros ?? f [??] [?|]; simpl; [|done]; apply (lookup_omap f).
* intros ??? f ? [??] [??] [?|]; simpl; [|done]; apply (lookup_merge f).
End optionmap.
(** * Finite sets *)
Notation optionset M := (mapset (optionmap M)).
Instance optionmap_dom {M : Type Type} `{ A, Empty (M A), Merge M} {A} :
Dom (optionmap M A) (optionset M) := mapset_dom.
Instance optionmap_domspec `{FinMap K M} :
FinMapDom (option K) (optionmap M) (optionset M) := mapset_dom_spec.
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