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complete heap.v

parent 042e24dc
......@@ -118,9 +118,13 @@ Section heap.
P ( ( l, heap_mapsto HeapI γ l v - Q (LocV l)))
P wp E (Alloc e) Q.
intros HN ? ? HP. eapply wp_alloc_heap with (σ:=); try eassumption.
rewrite HP. Fail rewrite left_id.
intros HN ? Hctx HP. rewrite -(right_id True%I ()%I (P)) (auth_empty γ) pvs_frame_l.
apply wp_strip_pvs. eapply wp_alloc_heap with (σ:=); try eassumption.
{ eauto with I. }
rewrite HP comm. apply sep_mono.
- rewrite /heap_own. f_equiv. apply: map_eq=>l. by rewrite lookup_fmap !lookup_empty.
- apply later_mono, forall_mono=>l. apply wand_mono; last done. eauto with I.
Lemma wp_load_heap N E γ σ l v P Q :
σ !! l = Some v
......@@ -276,4 +280,17 @@ Section heap.
- rewrite /from_heap /to_heap lookup_insert_ne // !lookup_omap !lookup_op !lookup_fmap.
rewrite lookup_insert_ne //.
Lemma wp_cas_suc N E γ l e1 v1 e2 v2 P Q :
to_val e1 = Some v1 to_val e2 = Some v2
nclose N E
P heap_ctx HeapI γ N
P (heap_mapsto HeapI γ l v1 (heap_mapsto HeapI γ l v2 - Q 'true))
P wp E (Cas (Loc l) e1 e2) Q.
rewrite /heap_mapsto=>???? HP. eapply wp_cas_suc_heap; try eassumption; last first.
- rewrite HP. apply sep_mono; first done. by rewrite insert_singleton.
- by simplify_map_equality.
End heap.
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