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Require Export iris.hoare.
Require Import iris.wsat.
Local Hint Extern 10 (_ _) => omega.
Local Hint Extern 100 (@eq coPset _ _) => eassumption || solve_elem_of.
Local Hint Extern 10 ({_} _) =>
repeat match goal with H : wsat _ _ _ _ |- _ => apply wsat_valid in H end;
Section adequacy.
Context {Σ : iParam}.
Implicit Types e : iexpr Σ.
Implicit Types Q : ival Σ iProp Σ.
Transparent uPred_holds.
Notation wptp n := (Forall3 (λ e Q r, uPred_holds (wp coPset_all e Q) n r)).
Lemma wptp_le Qs es rs n n' :
{n'} (big_op rs) wptp n es Qs rs n' n wptp n' es Qs rs.
Proof. induction 2; constructor; eauto using uPred_weaken. Qed.
Lemma nsteps_wptp Qs k n tσ1 tσ2 rs1 :
nsteps step k tσ1 tσ2
1 < n wptp (k + n) (tσ1.1) Qs rs1
wsat (k + n) coPset_all (tσ1.2) (big_op rs1)
rs2 Qs', wptp n (tσ2.1) (Qs ++ Qs') rs2
wsat n coPset_all (tσ2.2) (big_op rs2).
intros Hsteps Hn; revert Qs rs1.
induction Hsteps as [|k ?? tσ3 [e1 σ1 e2 σ2 ef t1 t2 ?? Hstep] Hsteps IH];
simplify_equality'; intros Qs rs.
{ by intros; exists rs, []; rewrite right_id_L. }
intros (Qs1&?&rs1&?&->&->&?&
(Q&Qs2&r&rs2&->&->&Hwp&?)%Forall3_cons_inv_l)%Forall3_app_inv_l ?.
destruct (wp_step_inv coPset_all Q e1 (k + n) (S (k + n)) σ1 r
(big_op (rs1 ++ rs2))) as [_ Hwpstep]; eauto using values_stuck.
{ by rewrite right_id_L -big_op_cons Permutation_middle. }
destruct (Hwpstep e2 σ2 ef) as (r2&r2'&Hwsat&?&?); auto; clear Hwpstep.
revert Hwsat; rewrite big_op_app right_id_L=>Hwsat.
destruct ef as [e'|].
* destruct (IH (Qs1 ++ Q :: Qs2 ++ [λ _, True%I])
(rs1 ++ r2 :: rs2 ++ [r2'])) as (rs'&Qs'&?&?).
{ apply Forall3_app, Forall3_cons,
Forall3_app, Forall3_cons, Forall3_nil; eauto using wptp_le. }
{ by rewrite -Permutation_middle /= (associative (++))
(commutative (++)) /= associative big_op_app. }
exists rs', ([λ _, True%I] ++ Qs'); split; auto.
by rewrite (associative _ _ _ Qs') -(associative _ Qs1).
* apply (IH (Qs1 ++ Q :: Qs2) (rs1 ++ r2 r2' :: rs2)).
{ rewrite /option_list right_id_L.
apply Forall3_app, Forall3_cons; eauto using wptp_le.
apply uPred_weaken with r2 (k + n); eauto using @ra_included_l. }
by rewrite -Permutation_middle /= big_op_app.
Lemma ht_adequacy_steps P Q k n e1 t2 σ1 σ2 r1 :
{{ P }} e1 @ coPset_all {{ Q }}
nsteps step k ([e1],σ1) (t2,σ2)
1 < n wsat (k + n) coPset_all σ1 r1
P (k + n) r1
rs2 Qs', wptp n t2 ((λ v, pvs coPset_all coPset_all (Q v)) :: Qs') rs2
wsat n coPset_all σ2 (big_op rs2).
intros Hht ????; apply (nsteps_wptp [pvs coPset_all coPset_all Q] k n
([e1],σ1) (t2,σ2) [r1]); rewrite /big_op ?right_id; auto.
constructor; last constructor.
apply Hht with r1 (k + n); eauto using @ra_included_unit.
by destruct (k + n).
Theorem ht_adequacy_result E φ e v t2 σ1 σ2 :
{{ ownP σ1 }} e @ E {{ λ v', φ v' }}
rtc step ([e], σ1) (of_val v :: t2, σ2)
φ v.
intros ? [k ?]%rtc_nsteps.
destruct (ht_adequacy_steps (ownP σ1) (λ v', φ v')%I k 2 e
(of_val v :: t2) σ1 σ2 (Res (Excl σ1) )) as (rs2&Qs&Hwptp&?); auto.
{ by rewrite -(ht_mask_weaken E coPset_all). }
{ rewrite Nat.add_comm; apply wsat_init. }
{ by rewrite /uPred_holds /=. }
inversion Hwptp as [|?? r ?? rs Hwp _]; clear Hwptp; subst.
apply wp_value_inv in Hwp; destruct (Hwp (big_op rs) 2 σ2) as [r' []]; auto.
by rewrite right_id_L.
Lemma ht_adequacy_reducible E Q e1 e2 t2 σ1 σ2 :
{{ ownP σ1 }} e1 @ E {{ Q }}
rtc step ([e1], σ1) (t2, σ2)
e2 t2 to_val e2 = None reducible e2 σ2.
intros ? [k ?]%rtc_nsteps [i ?]%elem_of_list_lookup He.
destruct (ht_adequacy_steps (ownP σ1) Q k 3 e1
t2 σ1 σ2 (Res (Excl σ1) )) as (rs2&Qs&?&?); auto.
{ by rewrite -(ht_mask_weaken E coPset_all). }
{ rewrite Nat.add_comm; apply wsat_init. }
{ by rewrite /uPred_holds /=. }
destruct (Forall3_lookup_l (λ e Q r, wp coPset_all e Q 3 r) t2
(pvs coPset_all coPset_all Q :: Qs) rs2 i e2) as (Q'&r2&?&?&Hwp); auto.
destruct (wp_step_inv coPset_all Q' e2 2 3 σ2 r2 (big_op (delete i rs2)));
rewrite ?right_id_L ?big_op_delete; auto.
Theorem ht_adequacy_safe E Q e1 t2 σ1 σ2 :
{{ ownP σ1 }} e1 @ E {{ Q }}
rtc step ([e1], σ1) (t2, σ2)
Forall (λ e, is_Some (to_val e)) t2 t3 σ3, step (t2, σ2) (t3, σ3).
destruct (decide (Forall (λ e, is_Some (to_val e)) t2)) as [|Ht2]; [by left|].
apply (not_Forall_Exists _), Exists_exists in Ht2; destruct Ht2 as (e2&?&He2).
destruct (ht_adequacy_reducible E Q e1 e2 t2 σ1 σ2) as (e3&σ3&ef&?);
rewrite ?eq_None_not_Some; auto.
destruct (elem_of_list_split t2 e2) as (t2'&t2''&->); auto.
right; exists (t2' ++ e3 :: t2'' ++ option_list ef), σ3; econstructor; eauto.
End adequacy.
......@@ -83,6 +83,17 @@ Proof.
by intros Q Q' ?; apply equiv_dist=>n; apply wp_ne=>v; apply equiv_dist.
Lemma wp_value_inv E Q v n r : wp E (of_val v) Q n r Q v n r.
inversion 1 as [| |??? He]; simplify_equality; auto.
by rewrite ?to_of_val in He.
Lemma wp_step_inv E Ef Q e k n σ r rf :
to_val e = None 1 < k < n E Ef =
wp E e Q n r wsat (S k) (E Ef) σ (r rf)
wp_go (E Ef) (λ e, wp E e Q) (λ e, wp coPset_all e (λ _, True%I)) k rf e σ.
Proof. intros He; destruct 3; [lia|by rewrite ?to_of_val in He|eauto]. Qed.
Lemma wp_value E Q v : Q v wp E (of_val v) Q.
Proof. by constructor. Qed.
Lemma wp_mono E e Q1 Q2 : ( v, Q1 v Q2 v) wp E e Q1 wp E e Q2.
......@@ -91,9 +102,7 @@ Lemma wp_pvs E e Q : pvs E E (wp E e Q) ⊑ wp E e (λ v, pvs E E (Q v)).
intros r [|n] ?; [done|]; intros Hvs.
destruct (to_val e) as [v|] eqn:He; [apply of_to_val in He; subst|].
{ constructor; eapply pvs_mono, Hvs; auto; clear.
intros r n ?; inversion 1 as [| |??? He]; simplify_equality; auto.
by rewrite ?to_of_val in He. }
{ by constructor; eapply pvs_mono, Hvs; [intros ???; apply wp_value_inv|]. }
constructor; [done|intros rf k Ef σ1 ???].
destruct (Hvs rf (S k) Ef σ1) as (r'&Hwp&?); auto.
inversion Hwp as [| |???? Hgo]; subst; [by rewrite to_of_val in He|].
......@@ -63,6 +63,14 @@ Proof.
destruct n; [intros; apply cmra_valid_0|intros [rs ?]].
eapply cmra_valid_op_l, wsat_pre_valid; eauto.
Lemma wsat_init k E σ : wsat (S k) E σ (Res (Excl σ) ).
exists ; constructor; auto.
* rewrite big_opM_empty right_id.
split_ands'; try (apply cmra_valid_validN, ra_empty_valid); constructor.
* by intros i; rewrite lookup_empty=>-[??].
* intros i P ?; rewrite /= (left_id _ _) lookup_empty; inversion_clear 1.
Lemma wsat_open n E σ r i P :
wld r !! i ={S n}= Some (to_agree (Later (iProp_unfold P))) i E
wsat (S n) ({[i]} E) σ r rP, wsat (S n) E σ (rP r) P n rP.
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