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Merge branch 'ilocked' into 'master'

Introduce a connective `ilocked` to stop `iNext` and `iFrame`.

See merge request FP/iris-coq!67
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......@@ -90,6 +90,7 @@ Class FromAnd {M} (p : bool) (P Q1 Q2 : uPred M) :=
Arguments from_and {_} _ _ _ _ {_}.
Hint Mode FromAnd + + ! - - : typeclass_instances.
Hint Mode FromAnd + + - ! ! : typeclass_instances. (* For iCombine *)
Lemma mk_from_and_and {M} p (P Q1 Q2 : uPred M) :
(Q1 Q2 P) FromAnd p P Q1 Q2.
Proof. rewrite /FromAnd=><-. destruct p; auto using sep_and. Qed.
......@@ -105,6 +106,7 @@ Class IntoAnd {M} (p : bool) (P Q1 Q2 : uPred M) :=
into_and : P if p then Q1 Q2 else Q1 Q2.
Arguments into_and {_} _ _ _ _ {_}.
Hint Mode IntoAnd + + ! - - : typeclass_instances.
Lemma mk_into_and_sep {M} p (P Q1 Q2 : uPred M) :
(P Q1 Q2) IntoAnd p P Q1 Q2.
Proof. rewrite /IntoAnd=>->. destruct p; auto using sep_and. Qed.
......@@ -203,3 +205,47 @@ Instance is_cons_cons {A} (x : A) (l : list A) : IsCons (x :: l) x l.
Proof. done. Qed.
Instance is_app_app {A} (l1 l2 : list A) : IsApp (l1 ++ l2) l1 l2.
Proof. done. Qed.
(* We make sure that tactics that perform actions on *specific* hypotheses or
parts of the goal look through the [tc_opaque] connective, which is used to make
definitions opaque for type class search. For example, when using `iDestruct`,
an explicit hypothesis is affected, and as such, we should look through opaque
definitions. However, when using `iFrame` or `iNext`, arbitrary hypotheses or
parts of the goal are affected, and as such, type class opacity should be
This means that there are [tc_opaque] instances for all proofmode type classes
with the exception of:
- [FromAssumption] used by [iAssumption]
- [Frame] used by [iFrame]
- [IntoLaterN] and [FromLaterN] used by [iNext]
- [IntoPersistentP] used by [iPersistent]
Instance into_pure_tc_opaque {M} (P : uPred M) φ :
IntoPure P φ IntoPure (tc_opaque P) φ := id.
Instance from_pure_tc_opaque {M} (P : uPred M) φ :
FromPure P φ FromPure (tc_opaque P) φ := id.
Instance from_laterN_tc_opaque {M} n (P Q : uPred M) :
FromLaterN n P Q FromLaterN n (tc_opaque P) Q := id.
Instance into_wand_tc_opaque {M} p (R P Q : uPred M) :
IntoWand p R P Q IntoWand p (tc_opaque R) P Q := id.
(* Higher precedence than [from_and_sep] so that [iCombine] does not loop. *)
Instance from_and_tc_opaque {M} p (P Q1 Q2 : uPred M) :
FromAnd p P Q1 Q2 FromAnd p (tc_opaque P) Q1 Q2 | 102 := id.
Instance into_and_tc_opaque {M} p (P Q1 Q2 : uPred M) :
IntoAnd p P Q1 Q2 IntoAnd p (tc_opaque P) Q1 Q2 := id.
Instance from_or_tc_opaque {M} (P Q1 Q2 : uPred M) :
FromOr P Q1 Q2 FromOr (tc_opaque P) Q1 Q2 := id.
Instance into_or_tc_opaque {M} (P Q1 Q2 : uPred M) :
IntoOr P Q1 Q2 IntoOr (tc_opaque P) Q1 Q2 := id.
Instance from_exist_tc_opaque {M A} (P : uPred M) (Φ : A uPred M) :
FromExist P Φ FromExist (tc_opaque P) Φ := id.
Instance into_exist_tc_opaque {M A} (P : uPred M) (Φ : A uPred M) :
IntoExist P Φ IntoExist (tc_opaque P) Φ := id.
Instance into_forall_tc_opaque {M A} (P : uPred M) (Φ : A uPred M) :
IntoForall P Φ IntoForall (tc_opaque P) Φ := id.
Instance from_modal_tc_opaque {M} (P Q : uPred M) :
FromModal P Q FromModal (tc_opaque P) Q := id.
Instance elim_modal_tc_opaque {M} (P P' Q Q' : uPred M) :
ElimModal P P' Q Q' ElimModal (tc_opaque P) P' Q Q' := id.
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