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......@@ -53,6 +53,13 @@ Section proofs.
intros ?. by rewrite /na_own -own_op pair_op left_id coPset_disj_union.
Lemma na_own_acc E2 E1 tid :
E2 E1 na_own tid E1 - na_own tid E2 (na_own tid E2 - na_own tid E1).
intros HF. assert (E1 = E2 (E1 E2)) as -> by exact: union_difference_L.
rewrite na_own_union; last by set_solver+. iIntros "[$ $]". auto.
Lemma na_inv_alloc p E N P : P ={E}= na_inv p N P.
iIntros "HP".
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