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Comment about `BiLöb`.

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......@@ -117,6 +117,11 @@ Arguments bi_wandM {_} !_%I _%I /.
Notation "mP -∗? Q" := (bi_wandM mP Q)
(at level 99, Q at level 200, right associativity) : bi_scope.
(** This class is required for the [iLöb] tactic. For most logics this class
should not be inhabited directly, but the instance [Contractive (▷) → BiLöb PROP]
in [derived_laws_sbi] should be used. A direct instance of the class is useful
when considering a BI logic with a discrete OFE, instead of a OFE that takes
step-indexing of the logic in account.*)
Class BiLöb (PROP : bi) :=
löb (P : PROP) : ( P P) P.
Hint Mode BiLöb ! : typeclass_instances.
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