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Clean up `greatest_fixpoint_ne_outer`.

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......@@ -75,14 +75,12 @@ Section least.
End least.
Lemma greatest_fixpoint_ne_outer {PROP : bi} {A : ofeT}
(F1 : (A PROP) (A PROP))
(F2 : (A PROP) (A PROP)):
(F1 : (A PROP) (A PROP)) (F2 : (A PROP) (A PROP)):
( Φ x n, F1 Φ x {n} F2 Φ x) x1 x2 n,
(dist n) x1 x2 (dist n) (bi_greatest_fixpoint F1 x1) (bi_greatest_fixpoint F2 x2).
x1 {n} x2 bi_greatest_fixpoint F1 x1 {n} bi_greatest_fixpoint F2 x2.
intros HF ??? Hx. rewrite /bi_greatest_fixpoint /=.
f_equiv. f_equiv. f_equiv. 2: solve_proper.
f_equiv. f_equiv. f_equiv. f_equiv. apply HF.
intros HF x1 x2 n Hx. rewrite /bi_greatest_fixpoint /=.
do 3 f_equiv; last solve_proper. repeat f_equiv. apply HF.
Global Instance greatest_fixpoint_ne {PROP : bi} {A : ofeT} n :
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