Commit a8dbb44d authored by Robbert Krebbers's avatar Robbert Krebbers

CMRA structure on lists.

Initial commit by Amin Timany.
parent 9d2dbd0a
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......@@ -983,6 +983,11 @@ Proof.
- intros [-> Hi]. revert i Hi.
induction n; intros [|?]; naive_solver auto with lia.
Lemma elem_of_replicate n x y : y ∈ replicate n x ↔ y = x ∧ n ≠ 0.
rewrite elem_of_list_lookup, Nat.neq_0_lt_0.
setoid_rewrite lookup_replicate; naive_solver eauto with lia.
Lemma lookup_replicate_1 n x y i :
replicate n x !! i = Some y → y = x ∧ i < n.
Proof. by rewrite lookup_replicate. Qed.
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