Commit a121e077 authored by Robbert Krebbers's avatar Robbert Krebbers

Contractive and non-expansiveness properties of later.

parent 457cf079
......@@ -278,8 +278,10 @@ Canonical Structure boolC := leibnizC bool.
(** Later *)
Inductive later (A : Type) : Type := Later { later_car : A }.
Add Printing Constructor later.
Arguments Later {_} _.
Arguments later_car {_} _.
Section later.
Instance later_equiv `{Equiv A} : Equiv (later A) := λ x y,
later_car x later_car y.
......@@ -305,12 +307,14 @@ Section later.
Canonical Structure laterC (A : cofeT) : cofeT := CofeT (later A).
Global Instance Later_contractive `{Dist A} : Contractive (@Later A).
Proof. by intros n ??. Qed.
Definition later_map {A B} (f : A B) (x : later A) : later B :=
Later (f (later_car x)).
Instance later_fmap_ne `{Cofe A, Cofe B} (f : A B) :
( n, Proper (dist n ==> dist n) f)
n, Proper (dist n ==> dist n) (later_map f).
Proof. intros Hf [|n] [x] [y] ?; do 2 red; simpl. done. by apply Hf. Qed.
Global Instance later_map_ne `{Cofe A, Cofe B} (f : A B) n :
Proper (dist (pred n) ==> dist (pred n)) f
Proper (dist n ==> dist n) (later_map f) | 0.
Proof. destruct n as [|n]; intros Hf [x] [y] ?; do 2 red; simpl; auto. Qed.
Lemma later_fmap_id {A} (x : later A) : later_map id x = x.
Proof. by destruct x. Qed.
Lemma later_fmap_compose {A B C} (f : A B) (g : B C) (x : later A) :
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