Commit 99f6e537 authored by Ralf Jung's avatar Ralf Jung
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prevent autosubst from unfolding our sugar

parent 3f92ae1b
......@@ -11,6 +11,22 @@ Definition LamV (e : {bind expr}) := RecV e.[ren(+1)].
Definition LetCtx (e2 : {bind expr}) := AppRCtx (LamV e2).
Definition SeqCtx (e2 : expr) := LetCtx (e2.[ren(+1)]).
(* Prove and "register" compatibility with substitution. *)
Lemma Lam_subst e s : (Lam e).[s] = Lam e.[up s].
Proof. by unfold Lam; asimpl. Qed.
Hint Rewrite Lam_subst : autosubst.
Global Opaque Lam.
Lemma Let_subst e1 e2 s : (Let e1 e2).[s] = Let e1.[s] e2.[up s].
Proof. by unfold Let; asimpl. Qed.
Hint Rewrite Let_subst : autosubst.
Global Opaque Let.
Lemma Seq_subst e1 e2 s : (Seq e1 e2).[s] = Seq e1.[s] e2.[s].
Proof. by unfold Seq; asimpl. Qed.
Hint Rewrite Seq_subst : autosubst.
Global Opaque Seq.
Module notations.
Delimit Scope lang_scope with L.
Bind Scope lang_scope with expr.
......@@ -73,6 +89,12 @@ Proof.
by rewrite -wp_lam //= to_of_val.
Lemma wp_seq E e1 e2 Q :
wp E e1 (λ _, wp E e2 Q) wp E (Seq e1 e2) Q.
rewrite -wp_let. apply wp_mono=>v. by asimpl.
Lemma wp_le E (n1 n2 : nat) P Q :
(n1 n2 P Q (LitV true))
(n1 > n2 P Q (LitV false))
......@@ -12,7 +12,11 @@ Module LangTests.
Proof. Set Printing All. intros; do_step done. Qed.
Definition lam : expr := λ: #0 + Lit 21.
Goal σ, prim_step (lam (Lit 21)) σ add σ None.
Proof. intros; do_step done. Qed.
(* FIXME WTF why does it print all the "S (S (S..."?? *)
rewrite /lam /Lam.
intros; do_step done.
End LangTests.
Module LiftingTests.
......@@ -20,7 +24,6 @@ Module LiftingTests.
Implicit Types P : iProp heap_lang Σ.
Implicit Types Q : val iProp heap_lang Σ.
(* FIXME: Fix levels so that we do not need the parenthesis here. *)
Definition e : expr := let: ref (Lit 1) in #0 <- !#0 + Lit 1; !#0.
Goal σ E, (ownP σ : iProp heap_lang Σ) (wp E e (λ v, (v = LitV 2))).
......@@ -30,9 +33,8 @@ Module LiftingTests.
rewrite -later_intro. apply forall_intro=>l.
apply wand_intro_l. rewrite right_id. apply const_elim_l; move=>_.
rewrite -later_intro. asimpl.
(* TODO RJ: If you go here, you can see how the sugar does not print
all so nicely. *)
rewrite -(wp_bindi (SeqCtx (Load (Loc _)))).
(* FIXME: doing simpl here kills the Seq, turns it all the way into Rec *)
rewrite -(wp_bindi (StoreRCtx (LocV _))).
rewrite -(wp_bindi (BinOpLCtx PlusOp _)).
rewrite -wp_load_pst; first (apply sep_intro_True_r; first done); last first.
......@@ -43,20 +45,15 @@ Module LiftingTests.
{ by rewrite lookup_insert. }
{ done. }
rewrite -later_intro. apply wand_intro_l. rewrite right_id.
rewrite -wp_lam // -later_intro. asimpl.
rewrite -wp_seq -wp_value -later_intro.
rewrite -wp_load_pst; first (apply sep_intro_True_r; first done); last first.
{ by rewrite lookup_insert. }
rewrite -later_intro. apply wand_intro_l. rewrite right_id.
by apply const_intro.
(* TODO: once asimpl preserves notation, we don't need
FindPred' anymore. *)
(* FIXME: fix notation so that we do not need parenthesis or %L *)
Definition FindPred' (n1 Sn1 n2 f : expr) : expr :=
if Sn1 < n2 then f Sn1 else n1.
Definition FindPred (n2 : expr) : expr :=
rec:: (let: #1 + Lit 1 in FindPred' #2 #0 n2.[ren(+3)] #1)%L.
rec:: (let: #1 + Lit 1 in if #0 < n2.[ren(+3)] then #1 #0 else #2).
Definition Pred : expr :=
λ: (if #0 Lit 0 then Lit 0 else FindPred #0 (Lit 0))%L.
......@@ -70,11 +67,7 @@ Module LiftingTests.
{ apply and_mono; first done. by rewrite -later_intro. }
apply later_mono.
(* Go on *)
(* FIXME "rewrite -(wp_let _ _ (FindPred' n1 #0 n2 (FindPred n2)))" started to
fail after we changed # n to use ids instead of Var *)
pose proof (wp_let (Σ:=Σ) E (Lit n1 + Lit 1)%L
(FindPred' (Lit n1) #0 (Lit n2) (FindPred (Lit n2))) Q).
unfold Let, Lam in H; rewrite -H.
rewrite -wp_let.
rewrite -wp_bin_op //. asimpl.
rewrite -(wp_bindi (IfCtx _ _)).
rewrite -!later_intro /=.
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