Commit 88679d3e authored by Robbert Krebbers's avatar Robbert Krebbers
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Tweak closed proof in heap_lang/tests.

parent 2c6727dc
......@@ -80,25 +80,18 @@ Section LiftingTests.
End LiftingTests.
Section ClosedProofs.
Definition Σ : iFunctorG := λ _, authF (constF heapRA).
Notation iProp := (iPropG heap_lang Σ).
Local Instance : inG heap_lang Σ (authRA heapRA).
Proof. by exists 1%nat. Qed.
(* TODO: Why do I even have to explicitly do this? *)
Local Instance : authG heap_lang Σ heapRA.
Proof. split; by apply _. Qed.
Local Notation iProp := (iPropG heap_lang Σ).
Instance: authG heap_lang Σ heapRA.
Proof. split; try apply _. by exists 1%nat. Qed.
Lemma heap_e_hoare σ : {{ ownP σ : iProp }} heap_e @ {{ λ v, v = '2 }}.
apply ht_alt. rewrite (heap_alloc nroot); last by rewrite nclose_nroot.
apply wp_strip_pvs, exist_elim=>?. rewrite and_elim_l.
apply wp_strip_pvs, exist_elim=> ?. rewrite and_elim_l.
rewrite -heap_e_spec; first by eauto with I. by rewrite nclose_nroot.
Print Assumptions heap_e_hoare.
End ClosedProofs.
End ClosedProofs.
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