Commit 86b184af authored by Ralf Jung's avatar Ralf Jung
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docs: strengthen equality elimination to match what we have in Coq

parent 7a2b2c6a
......@@ -208,8 +208,8 @@ This is entirely standard.
{\prop \proves \propC}
{\prop \proves \propB \\ \prop \proves \term =_\type \term'}
{\prop \proves \propB[\term'/\term]}
{\vctx,\var:\type \proves \wtt\propB\Prop \\ \vctx\mid\prop \proves \propB[\term/\var] \\ \vctx\mid\prop \proves \term =_\type \term'}
{\vctx\mid\prop \proves \propB[\term'/\var]}
......@@ -264,7 +264,7 @@ This is entirely standard.
{\vctx\mid\prop \proves \All \var :\type. \propB \\
\vctx \proves \wtt\term\type}
{\vctx\mid\prop \proves \propB[\term/\var]}
{\vctx\mid\prop \proves \propB[\term/\var] \\
\vctx \proves \wtt\term\type}
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