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Avoid camelcased names.

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......@@ -1492,11 +1492,11 @@ Proof.
eapply IH with x'; eauto using cmra_validN_S, cmra_validN_op_l.
Corollary consistencyModal n : ¬ (True Nat.iter n (λ P, |=r=> P) False).
Corollary consistency_modal n : ¬ (True Nat.iter n (λ P, |=r=> P) False).
Proof. exact (adequacy False n). Qed.
Corollary consistency : ¬ (True False).
Proof. exact (consistencyModal 0). Qed.
Proof. exact (consistency_modal 0). Qed.
End uPred_logic.
(* Hint DB for the logic *)
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