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Document `%H` pattern.

This closes issue #305.
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......@@ -228,6 +228,12 @@ _introduction patterns_:
to eliminate nested (separating) conjunctions.
- `[ipat1|ipat2]` : disjunction elimination.
- `[]` : false elimination.
- `%H` : move the hypothesis to the pure Coq context, and name it `H`. Support
for the `%H` introduction pattern requires an implementation of the hook
`string_to_ident`. Without an implementation of this hook, the `%H` pattern
will fail. We provide an implementation of the hook using Ltac2, which works
with Coq 8.11, and can be installed with opam; see
[iris/string-ident]( for details.
- `%` : move the hypothesis to the pure Coq context (anonymously).
- `->` and `<-` : rewrite using a pure Coq equality
- `# ipat` : move the hypothesis into the intuitionistic context. The tactic
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