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add a lemma to easily combine two arbitrary mapsto (with different values)

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......@@ -204,6 +204,13 @@ Section gen_heap.
by intros [_ ?%agree_op_invL'].
Lemma mapsto_combine l q1 q2 v1 v2 :
l {q1} v1 - l {q2} v2 - l {q1 + q2} v1 v1 = v2.
iIntros "Hl1 Hl2". iDestruct (mapsto_agree with "Hl1 Hl2") as %->.
iCombine "Hl1 Hl2" as "Hl". eauto with iFrame.
Global Instance ex_mapsto_fractional l : Fractional (λ q, l {q} -)%I.
intros p q. iSplit.
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