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More documentation on `done`.

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......@@ -187,8 +187,18 @@ Iris
- The tactic `done` is extended so that it also performs `iAssumption` and
introduces pure connectives.
- The tactic `done` of [std++](
(which solves "trivial" goals using `intros`, `reflexivity`, `symmetry`,
`eassumption`, `trivial`, `split`, `discriminate`, `contradiction`, etc.) is
extended so that it also, among other things:
+ performs `iAssumption`,
+ introduces `∀`, `→`, and `-∗` in the proof mode,
+ introduces pure goals `⌜ φ ⌝` using `iPureIntro` and calls `done` on `φ`, and,
+ solves other trivial proof mode goals, such as `emp`, `x ≡ x`, big operators
over the empty list/map/set/multiset.
(Note that ssreflect also has a `done` tactic. Although Iris uses ssreflect,
it overrides ssreflect's `done` tactic with std++'s.)
- The proof mode adds hints to the core `eauto` database so that `eauto`
automatically introduces: conjunctions and disjunctions, universal and
existential quantifiers, implications and wand, plainness, persistence, later
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