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Finite powerset RA.

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From iris.algebra Require Export gmap.
From iris.algebra Require Import excl.
From iris.prelude Require Import mapset.
Definition gsetC K `{Countable K} := gmapC K (exclC unitC).
Definition to_gsetC `{Countable K} (X : gset K) : gsetC K :=
to_gmap (Excl ()) X.
Section gset.
Context `{Countable K}.
Implicit Types X Y : gset K.
Lemma to_gsetC_empty : to_gsetC ( : gset K) = .
Proof. apply to_gmap_empty. Qed.
Lemma to_gsetC_union X Y : X Y to_gsetC X to_gsetC Y = to_gsetC (X Y).
intros HXY; apply: map_eq=> i; rewrite /to_gsetC /=.
rewrite lookup_op !lookup_to_gmap. repeat case_option_guard; set_solver.
Lemma to_gsetC_valid X : to_gsetC X.
Proof. intros i. rewrite /to_gsetC lookup_to_gmap. by case_option_guard. Qed.
Lemma to_gsetC_valid_op X Y : (to_gsetC X to_gsetC Y) X Y.
split; last (intros; rewrite to_gsetC_union //; apply to_gsetC_valid).
intros HXY i ??; move: (HXY i); rewrite lookup_op !lookup_to_gmap.
rewrite !option_guard_True //.
Context `{Fresh K (gset K), !FreshSpec K (gset K)}.
Lemma updateP_alloc_strong (Q : gsetC K Prop) (I : gset K) X :
( i, i X i I Q (to_gsetC ({[i]} X))) to_gsetC X ~~>: Q.
intros; apply updateP_alloc_strong with I (Excl ()); [done|]=> i.
rewrite /to_gsetC lookup_to_gmap_None -to_gmap_union_singleton; eauto.
Lemma updateP_alloc (Q : gsetC K Prop) X :
( i, i X Q (to_gsetC ({[i]} X))) to_gsetC X ~~>: Q.
Proof. move=>??. eapply updateP_alloc_strong with (I:=); by eauto. Qed.
Lemma updateP_alloc_strong' (I : gset K) X :
to_gsetC X ~~>: λ Y : gsetC K, i, Y = to_gsetC ({[ i ]} X) i I i X.
Proof. eauto using updateP_alloc_strong. Qed.
Lemma updateP_alloc' X :
to_gsetC X ~~>: λ Y : gsetC K, i, Y = to_gsetC ({[ i ]} X) i X.
Proof. eauto using updateP_alloc. Qed.
End gset.
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