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......@@ -34,7 +34,9 @@ $\UPred(-)$ is a locally non-expansive functor from $\CMRAs$ to $\COFEs$.
It is worth noting that the above quotient admits canonical
representatives. More precisely, one can show that every
equivalence class contains exactly one element $P_0$ such that:
\[ \All n, \melt. (\mval(\melt) \nincl{n} P_0(\melt)) \Ra n \in P_0(\melt) \tagH{UPred-canonical} \]
\All n, \melt. (\mval(\melt) \nincl{n} P_0(\melt)) \Ra n \in P_0(\melt) \tagH{UPred-canonical}
Intuitively, this says that $P_0$ trivially holds whenever the resource is invalid.
Starting from any element $P$, one can find this canonical
representative by choosing $P_0(\melt) := \setComp{n}{n \in \mval(\melt) \Ra n \in P(\melt)}$.
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