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no idea why I would think this implies monotonicity...

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......@@ -119,8 +119,7 @@ Section bi_mixin.
bi_mixin_persistently_exist_1 {A} (Ψ : A PROP) :
<pers> ( a, Ψ a) a, <pers> (Ψ a);
(* In the ordered RA model: [core x ≼ core (x ⋅ y)].
Note that this implies that the core is monotone. *)
(* In the ordered RA model: [core x ≼ core (x ⋅ y)]. *)
bi_mixin_persistently_absorbing P Q : <pers> P Q <pers> P;
(* In the ordered RA model: [x ⋅ core x = core x]. *)
bi_mixin_persistently_and_sep_elim P Q : <pers> P Q P Q;
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