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Shorten a lemma.

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......@@ -320,25 +320,18 @@ Section list2.
(* Some lemmas depend on the generalized versions of the above ones. *)
Lemma big_sepL_zip_with {B C} Φ f (l1 : list B) (l2 : list C) :
([ list] kx zip_with f l1 l2, Φ k x) ([ list] kx l1, y, l2 !! k = Some y Φ k (f x y)).
([ list] kx zip_with f l1 l2, Φ k x)
([ list] kx l1, y, l2 !! k = Some y Φ k (f x y)).
revert Φ l2; induction l1; intros Φ l2; first by rewrite /= big_sepL_nil.
destruct l2; simpl.
{ rewrite big_sepL_nil. apply (anti_symm _); last exact: True_intro.
(* TODO: Can this be done simpler? *)
rewrite -(big_sepL_mono (λ _ _, True%I)).
- rewrite big_sepL_forall. apply forall_intro=>k. apply forall_intro=>b.
apply impl_intro_r. apply True_intro.
- intros k b _. apply forall_intro=>c. apply impl_intro_l. rewrite right_id.
apply pure_elim'. done.
rewrite !big_sepL_cons. apply sep_proper; last exact: IHl1.
apply (anti_symm _).
- apply forall_intro=>c'. simpl. apply impl_intro_r.
eapply pure_elim; first exact: and_elim_r. intros [=->].
apply and_elim_l.
- rewrite (forall_elim c). simpl. eapply impl_elim; first done.
apply pure_intro. done.
revert Φ l2; induction l1 as [|x l1 IH]=> Φ [|y l2]//=.
- rewrite big_sepL_nil. apply (anti_symm _), True_intro.
trans ([ list] __ x :: l1, True : uPred M)%I.
+ rewrite big_sepL_forall. auto using forall_intro, impl_intro_l, True_intro.
+ apply big_sepL_mono=> k y _. apply forall_intro=> z.
by apply impl_intro_l, pure_elim_l.
- rewrite !big_sepL_cons IH. apply sep_proper=> //. apply (anti_symm _).
+ apply forall_intro=>z /=. by apply impl_intro_r, pure_elim_r=>-[->].
+ rewrite (forall_elim y) /=. by eapply impl_elim, pure_intro.
End list2.
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