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docs: fix bug in ghost resource laws

I think the current rule if buggy; the validity of a ghost resource `a` should not imply its ownership.

Please advise me if I understand incorrectly :-)  Thank you!

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......@@ -417,7 +417,7 @@ Furthermore, we have the usual $\eta$ and $\beta$ laws for projections, $\lambda
\ownGGhost{\melt} * \ownGGhost{\meltB} &\provesIff& \ownGGhost{\melt \mtimes \meltB} \\
\ownGGhost{\melt} &\provesIff& \mval(\melt) \\
\ownGGhost{\melt} &\proves& \mval(\melt) \\
\TRUE &\proves& \ownGGhost{\munit}
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