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explain why we use typeclasses eauto

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......@@ -629,6 +629,11 @@ Tactic Notation "iIntoValid" open_constr(t) :=
let e' := eval unfold e in e in clear e; go (t e')
| _ =>
let tT' := eval cbv zeta in tT in eapply (as_valid_1 tT');
(* Doing [apply _] here fails because that will try to solve all evars
whose type is a typeclass, in dependency order (according to Matthieu).
If one fails, it aborts. However, we rely on progress on the main goal
([AsValid ...]) to unify some of these evars and hence enable progress
elsewhere. With [typeclasses eauto], that seems to work better. *)
[solve [ typeclasses eauto with typeclass_instances ] || fail "iPoseProof: not a BI assertion"|exact t]
end in
go t.
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