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add a test for TC resolution not happening too early

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......@@ -166,6 +166,15 @@ Proof.
iSpecialize ("H" $! _ [#10]). done.
(* Check that typeclasses are not resolved too early *)
Lemma test_TC_resolution `{!BiAffine PROP} (Φ : nat PROP) l x :
x l ([ list] y l, Φ y) - Φ x.
iIntros (Hp) "HT".
iDestruct (bi.big_sepL_elem_of _ _ _ Hp with "HT") as "Hp".
Lemma test_eauto_iFrame P Q R `{!Persistent R} :
P - Q - R R Q P R False.
Proof. eauto 10 with iFrame. Qed.
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