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Improve docs of the `# pat` intro pattern.

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......@@ -234,7 +234,12 @@ _introduction patterns_:
- `[]` : false elimination.
- `%` : move the hypothesis to the pure Coq context (anonymously).
- `->` and `<-` : rewrite using a pure Coq equality
- `# ipat` : move the hypothesis into the intuitionistic context.
- `# ipat` : move the hypothesis into the intuitionistic context. The tactic
will fail if the hypothesis is not intuitionistic. On success, the tactic will
strip any number of intuitionistic and persistence modalities. If the
hypothesis is already in the intuitionistic context, the tactic will still
strip intuitionistic and persistence modalities (it is a no-op if the
hypothesis does not contain such modalities).
- `> ipat` : eliminate a modality (if the goal permits).
Apart from this, there are the following introduction patterns that can only
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