Commit 24b3e476 authored by Janno's avatar Janno

proved timeless_impl

parent f6ef6427
......@@ -655,6 +655,16 @@ Module Type IRIS_CORE (RL : VIRA_T) (C : CORE_LANG) (R: IRIS_RES RL C) (WP: WORL
simpl. eapply HTP; done.
Lemma timeless_impl P Q:
timeless Q timeless (P Q).
move=>w n HTQ /= w' k Ltk HPQ w'' [|[|m]] Lem HP; first exact: bpred.
{ apply HPQ, HP. omega. }
eapply HTQ, HPQ; [omega|omega|].
eapply dpred, HP. omega.
Section TimelessQuant.
Context {T} `{cT : cmetric T}.
Context (φ : T -n> Props).
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