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......@@ -148,7 +148,7 @@ Section ectx_language.
head_step e σ κ e' σ' efs
if a is WeaklyAtomic then irreducible e' σ' else is_Some (to_val e').
(* Some lemmas about this language *)
(** * Some lemmas about this language *)
Lemma fill_not_val K e : to_val e = None to_val (fill K e) = None.
Proof. rewrite !eq_None_not_Some. eauto using fill_val. Qed.
......@@ -158,6 +158,10 @@ Section ectx_language.
Lemma not_head_reducible e σ : ¬head_reducible e σ head_irreducible e σ.
Proof. unfold head_reducible, head_irreducible. naive_solver. Qed.
(** Head redices are unique. In all sensible instances, [comp_ectx K'
empty_ectx] will be the same as [K'], so the conclusion is [K = K' ∧ e =
e'], but we do not require a law to actually prove that so we cannot use
that fact here. *)
Lemma head_redex_unique K K' e e' σ :
fill K e = fill K' e'
head_reducible e σ
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