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elim_modal_at instance.

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......@@ -440,6 +440,13 @@ Global Instance elim_modal_at_bupd_hyp `{BiBUpd PROP} φ p p' P 𝓟 𝓟' 𝓠
ElimModal φ p p' (|==> 𝓟) 𝓟' 𝓠 𝓠'
ElimModal φ p p' ((|==> P) i) 𝓟' 𝓠 𝓠'.
Proof. by rewrite /MakeMonPredAt /ElimModal monPred_at_bupd=><-. Qed.
Global Instance elim_modal_at φ p p' 𝓟 𝓟' P P' V:
ElimModal φ p p' ⎡𝓟⎤ ⎡𝓟' P P' ElimModal φ p p' 𝓟 𝓟' (P V) (P' V).
rewrite /ElimModal -!embed_intuitionistically_if.
iIntros (HH Hφ) "[? HP]". iApply HH; [done|]. iFrame. iIntros (? <-) "?".
by iApply "HP".
Global Instance add_modal_at_bupd_goal `{BiBUpd PROP} φ 𝓟 𝓟' Q i :
AddModal 𝓟 𝓟' (|==> Q i)%I AddModal 𝓟 𝓟' ((|==> Q) i).
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