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......@@ -130,20 +130,22 @@ Elimination of logical connectives
and name the resulting hypothesis `H2`. The Coq introduction patterns can
also be used for pure conjunctions; for example we can destruct
`∃ x, ⌜v = x⌝ ∗ l ↦ x` using `iDestruct "H" as (x Heq) "H"` to immediately
put `Heq: v = x` in the Coq context.
+ `iDestruct pm_trm as "ipat"` : destruct a [proof-mode term][pm-trm] (see below) after
specialization using the [introduction pattern][ipat] `ipat`. When applied to a wand
in the intuitionistic context this tactic consumes wands (but leaves
universally quantified hypotheses). To keep the wand use `iPoseProof`
put `Heq: v = x` in the Coq context. This variant of the tactic will always
throw away the original hypothesis `H1`.
+ `iDestruct pm_trm as "ipat"` : specialize the [proof-mode term][pm-trm] (see
below) and destruct it using the [introduction pattern][ipat] `ipat`. If
`pm_trm` starts with a hypothesis, and that hypothesis resides in the
intuitionistic context, it will not be thrown away.
+ `iDestruct pm_trm as (x1 ... xn) "ipat"` : combine the above, first
specializing `pm_trm`, then eliminating existential quantifiers (and pure
conjuncts) with `x1 ... xn`, and finally destructing the resulting term
with `ipat`.
using the [introduction pattern][ipat] `ipat`.
+ `iDestruct pm_trm as %cpat` : destruct the pure conclusion of a term
`pr_trm` using the Coq introduction pattern `cpat`. When using this tactic,
all hypotheses can be used for proving the premises of `pm_trm`, as well as
for proving the resulting goal.
+ `iDestruct num as (x1 ... xn) "ipat"` / `iDestruct num as %cpat` :
introduce `num : nat` hypotheses and destruct the last introduced hypothesis.
In case all branches of `ipat` start with a `#` (which causes the hypothesis
to be moved to the intuitionistic context) or with an `%` (which causes the
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