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This folder contains the Coq development for
Iris: Monoids and Invariants as an Orthogonal Basis for Concurrent Reasoning
Ralf Jung <>
David Swasey <>
Filip Sieczkowski <>
Kasper Svendsen <>
Aaron Turon <>
Lars Birkedal <>
Derek Dreyer <>

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It uses a Coq library in lib/ by Sieczkowski et al. to solve the recursive domain equation (see the paper for a reference).

This folder is organized as follows:
* core_lang.v contains the axioms about the language
* lang.v defines the threadpool reduction and derives some lemmas from core_lang.v
* masks.v introduces some lemmas about masks
* world_prop.v uses the aforementioned Coq library to construct the domain for Iris propositions
* iris.v is the main file and contains the actual logic and the proof of the rules for view shifts and Hoare tiples

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Run "make" in this folder to build it all.
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Be aware that iris.v takes a long time to check and needs significant amounts of RAM!
8GiB may be sufficient, but to be safe you should have 16GiB and give it around 2 to 3 hours.