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In this changelog, we document "large-ish" changes to Iris that affect even the
way the logic is used on paper.  We also mention some significant changes in the
Coq development, but not every API-breaking change is listed.  Changes marked
`[#]` still need to be ported to the Iris Documentation LaTeX file(s).

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## Iris 3.1.0 (unfinished)

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Changes in and extensions of the theory:

* [#] CMRA morphisms have to be homomorphisms, not just monotone functions.
* [#] Show that f has a fixed point if f^k is contractive.
* Provide least and greatest fixed point (defined in the logic of Iris).
* Prove the inverse of wp_bind.

Changes in Coq:

* Some things got renamed and notation changed:
  - The unit of a CMRA: empty -> unit, ∅ -> ε
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  - ?: IntoOp -> IsOp
  - OFEs with all elements being discrete: Discrete -> OfeDiscrete
  - OFE elements whose equality is discrete: Timeless -> Discrete
  - Timeless propositions: TimelessP -> Timeless
  - Camera elements such that `core x = x`: Persistent -> CoreId
  - Persistent propositions: PersistentP -> Persistent
  - The persistent modality: always -> persistently
  - Consistently SnakeCase identifiers: CMRAMixin -> CmraMixin, CMRAT -> CmraT,
    CMRATotal -> CmraTotal, CMRAMorphism -> CmraMorphism,
    UCMRAMixin -> UcmraMixin, UCMRAT -> UcmraT, DRAMixin -> DraMixin,
    DRAT -> DraT, STS -> Sts
  - ? more
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* Fix a bunch of consistency issues in the proof mode, and make it overall more
  usable.  In particular:
  - All proof mode tactics start the proof mode if necessary; iStartProof is no
    longer needed.
  - Change in the grammar of specialization patterns: >[...] -> [> ...]
  - ? More stuff ?
* Redefine bigops to get more definitional equalities.
* Improve solve_ndisj.
* Improve handling of pure (non-state-dependent) reductions in heap_lang.
* Use Hint Mode to prevent Coq from making arbitrary guesses in the presence of
  evars.  There are a few places where type annotations are now needed.
* The prelude folder has been moved to its own project: std++

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## Iris 3.0.0 (released 2017-01-11)

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46 47 48
* There now is a deprecation process.  The modules `*.deprecated` contain
  deprecated notations and definitions that are provided for backwards
  compatibility and will be removed in a future version of Iris.
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* View shifts are radically simplified to just internalize frame-preserving
  updates.  Weakestpre is defined inside the logic, and invariants and view
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  shifts with masks are also coded up inside Iris.  Adequacy of weakestpre is
  proven in the logic. The old ownership of the entire physical state is
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53 54
  replaced by a user-selected predicate over physical state that is maintained
  by weakestpre.
* Use OFEs instead of COFEs everywhere.  COFEs are only used for solving the
56 57
  recursive domain equation.  As a consequence, CMRAs no longer need a proof of
  completeness.  (The old `cofeT` is provided by `algebra.deprecated`.)
* Implement a new agreement construction.  Unlike the old one, this one
59 60
  preserves discreteness.  dec_agree is thus no longer needed and has been moved
  to algebra.deprecated.
61 62 63
* Renaming and moving things around: uPred and the rest of the base logic are in
  `base_logic`, while `program_logic` is for everything involving the general
  Iris notion of a language.
64 65 66 67
* Renaming in prelude.list: Rename `prefix_of` -> `prefix` and `suffix_of` ->
  `suffix` in lemma names, but keep notation ``l1 `prefix_of` l2`` and ``l1
  `suffix_of` l2``.  `` l1 `sublist` l2`` becomes ``l1 `sublist_of` l2``. Rename
  `contains` -> `submseteq` and change `` l1 `contains` l2`` to ``l1 ⊆+ l2``.
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68 69 70 71 72
* Slightly weaker notion of atomicity: an expression is atomic if it reduces in
  one step to something that does not reduce further.
* Changed notation for embedding Coq assertions into Iris.  The new notation is
  ⌜φ⌝.  Also removed `=` and `⊥` from the Iris scope.  (The old notations are
  provided in `base_logic.deprecated`.)
* Up-closure of namespaces is now a notation (↑) instead of a coercion.
74 75
* With invariants and the physical state being handled in the logic, there is no
  longer any reason to demand the CMRA unit to be discrete.
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* The language can now fork off multiple threads at once.
77 78
* Local Updates (for the authoritative monoid) are now a 4-way relation with
  syntax-directed lemmas proving them.
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## Iris 2.0

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* [heap_lang] No longer use dependent types for expressions.  Instead, values
  carry a proof of closedness.  Substitution, closedness and value-ness proofs
  are performed by computation after reflecting into a term langauge that knows
  about values and closed expressions.
86 87
* [program_logic/language] The language does not define its own "atomic"
  predicate.  Instead, atomicity is defined as reducing in one step to a value.
88 89 90 91 92
* [program_logic] Due to a lack of maintenance and usefulness, lifting lemmas
  for Hoare triples are removed.

## Iris 2.0-rc2

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This version matches the final ICFP 2016 paper.
94 95

* [algebra] Make the core of an RA or CMRA a partial function.
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* [program_logic/lifting] Lifting lemmas no longer round-trip through a
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97 98 99
  user-chosen predicate to define the configurations we can reduce to; they
  directly relate to the operational semantics.  This is equivalent and
  much simpler to read.
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## Iris 2.0-rc1

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This is the Coq development and Iris Documentation as submitted to ICFP 2016.