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more cleanup

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......@@ -33,8 +33,8 @@ Definition hwqN (N: namespace) (q : loc) := N .@ q.
(* Ghost Construction we need *)
Definition backUR := mono_natUR.
(* a persistent map of from enqueued event ids to slots. *)
Definition emapUR := authUR $ gmapUR event_id (agreeR (leibnizO nat)).
(* a persistent map from enqueued event ids to slots. *)
Definition emapUR := authUR $ agreeMR event_id nat.
Definition prod2UR A B C := prodUR (prodUR A B) C.
Definition prod3UR A B C D := prodUR (prod2UR A B C) D.
......@@ -133,7 +133,9 @@ Proof.
(* Slot states *)
(* TODO: we can do better than Z *)
(* We can do better than Z, but our language doesn't have comparison for
arbitrary literals, and comparison is needed to check for failures.
So we restrict the usage of the queue to Z, for now. *)
Definition enqueue_info : Type := (Z * logView) * (view * event_id).
Definition einf_val (ei : enqueue_info) : Z := ei.1.1.
Definition einf_lview (ei : enqueue_info) : logView := ei.1.2.
......@@ -1051,20 +1053,17 @@ Lemma to_enq_slots_fork T e i :
to_enq_slots T ~~> to_enq_slots T {[e := to_agree i]}.
intros Eqe. apply auth_update_alloc.
etrans; first apply core_id_local_update; last (rewrite left_id; by eauto);
[apply _|]. apply singleton_included_l.
exists (to_agree i). split; [|done]. by rewrite lookup_fmap Eqe.
etrans; first by apply to_agreeM_local_update_fork_singleton.
by rewrite {2}/to_agreeM fmap_insert fmap_empty.
Lemma to_enq_slots_insert T e i :
T !! e = None
to_enq_slots T ~~> to_enq_slots (<[e:= i]>T) {[e := to_agree i]}.
intros FRe. apply auth_update_alloc.
(* TODO: another lemma for to_agreeM *)
rewrite /to_agreeM fmap_insert. apply alloc_singleton_local_update.
- by rewrite lookup_fmap FRe.
- done.
intros. apply auth_update_alloc.
etrans; first by apply to_agreeM_local_update_insert_singleton.
by rewrite {2}/to_agreeM fmap_insert fmap_empty.
Lemma slots_master_set_enqueued {γq slots T i γ v M} e V :
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