Commit 86b94266 authored by Hai Dang's avatar Hai Dang
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Minor cleanup with subjectively

parent 592f1ae4
......@@ -630,21 +630,6 @@ Proof.
- eauto with iFrame.
(* TODO: move *)
Lemma own_loc_na_own_loc_prim_subjectively n q v :
n {q} v (q' : Qp) (C' : cell), <subj> n p{q'} C'.
rewrite own_loc_na_own_loc_prim. iDestruct 1 as (C) "En".
iExists q, C. iNext. by iApply monPred_subjectively_intro.
Lemma own_loc_na_view_at_prim n q v V :
@{V} n {q} v (q' : Qp) (C' : cell), <subj> n p{q'} C'.
rewrite own_loc_na_own_loc_prim_subjectively.
iDestruct 1 as (q' C) "En". iExists q', C. iNext.
by rewrite view_at_subjectively monPred_subjectively_idemp.
Lemma all_slocs_node_access_prim t0 LVs t (l' : loc) Vb :
fst <$> toHeadHist t0 LVs !! t = Some #l'
@{Vb} all_slocs LVs (q' : Qp) (C' : cell), <subj> l' p{q'} C'.
......@@ -656,7 +641,7 @@ Proof.
apply elem_of_list_lookup_2 in Eq2.
rewrite (all_slocs_node_next_access _ _ _ Eq2).
iIntros "[As En]". iDestruct "En" as (q' on) "En".
by rewrite view_at_view_at (shift_0 l') own_loc_na_view_at_prim.
by rewrite view_at_view_at (shift_0 l') own_loc_na_view_at_own_loc_prim_subjectively.
Lemma all_slocs_app LVs LVs' :
......@@ -1058,7 +1043,7 @@ Proof.
move : Eq1. by apply elem_of_list_lookup_2. }
iDestruct "As" as "[As oN]". iDestruct "oN" as (qn' on') "oN".
rewrite (view_at_view_at _ V0). iSplitL "oN".
- by rewrite (shift_0 n') own_loc_na_view_at_prim.
- by rewrite (shift_0 n') own_loc_na_view_at_own_loc_prim_subjectively.
- iIntros (?? (_ & ? & _)). by iApply (all_slocs_node_access_prim with "As"). }
iIntros (b t' v' Vr V2 ζ2 ζn) "(F & #sV2 & #sH2 & H & As & CASE)".
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