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use naive_solver instead of firstorder

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......@@ -1015,7 +1015,7 @@ Section Progress.
destruct (NUB _ _ IN PLN) as [v0 [REL Comp0]].
inversion REL; subst; [|by inversion Comp0].
eapply CasFailS; [eauto..| |done]. rewrite H1 in H0. inversion H0. subst.
inversion Comp0; subst; constructor; clear -NEQ; firstorder.
inversion Comp0; subst; constructor; clear -NEQ; naive_solver.
move => evt2 e2 efs2 ots 𝑚s2 𝓥2 M2 𝓢2 STEP' MSTEP'. inversion STEP'.
* subst. simplify_eq. constructor. clear - DRFR RLXR.
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