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construct the resource functor

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......@@ -6,6 +6,7 @@ COFEs to the category of CMRAs, which is instantiated with [laterC iProp]. The
[laterC iProp] can be used to construct impredicate CMRAs, such as the stored
propositions using the agreement CMRA. *)
(* TODO RJ: Can we make use of resF, the resource functor? *)
Module iProp.
Definition F (Λ : language) (Σ : iFunctor) (A B : cofeT) : cofeT :=
uPredC (resRA Λ Σ (laterC A)).
......@@ -215,3 +215,14 @@ Proof.
* by apply (mapC_map_ne _ (agreeC_map f) (agreeC_map g)), agreeC_map_ne.
* by apply optionC_map_ne, ifunctor_map_ne.
Program Definition resF {Λ Σ} : iFunctor := {|
ifunctor_car := resRA Λ Σ;
ifunctor_map A B := resC_map
Next Obligation.
intros Λ Σ A x. by rewrite /= res_map_id.
Next Obligation.
intros Λ Σ A B C f g x. by rewrite /= res_map_compose.
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