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Better dep management

parent 7c6793f3
%: Makefile.coq phony
+@make -f Makefile.coq $@
# Compile this project
all: Makefile.coq
+@make -f Makefile.coq all
......@@ -11,18 +12,29 @@ clean: Makefile.coq
Makefile.coq: _CoqProject Makefile
coq_makefile -f _CoqProject | sed 's/$$(COQCHK) $$(COQCHKFLAGS) $$(COQLIBS)/$$(COQCHK) $$(COQCHKFLAGS) $$(subst -Q,-R,$$(COQLIBS))/' > Makefile.coq
iris-local: clean
# Initialize local Iris dependency
iris-local-init: clean
git submodule update --init iris
ln -nsf iris iris-enabled
# Build local Iris dependency
+make -C iris -f Makefile
iris-system: clean
# Initialize global Iris dependency
iris-system-init: clean
rm -f iris-enabled
# Update local Iris dependency
git submodule update --remote --merge
_CoqProject: ;
Makefile: ;
phony: ;
.PHONY: all clean phony iris-local iris-system
.PHONY: all clean phony iris-local iris-local-init iris-system-init
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