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Add array-based queuing lock example

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......@@ -71,6 +71,10 @@ This repository contains the following case studies:
* [hocap](theories/hocap): Formalizations of the concurrent bag and concurrent
runners libraries from the [HOCAP paper](
(by Dan Frumin). See the associated [README](theories/hocap/
* [array-based_queuing-lock](/theories/array_based_queuing_lock): Proof of
safety of an implementation of the array-based queuing lock. This example is
also covered in the chapter "Case study: The Array-Based Queueing Lock" in the
Iris lecture notes.
## For Developers: How to update the Iris dependency
......@@ -108,3 +108,5 @@ theories/proph/lazy_coin_one_shot_typed.v
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