Commit 2b21312d authored by Zhen Zhang's avatar Zhen Zhang
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Drop the hated cons

parent ade8f525
......@@ -28,8 +28,7 @@ Section atomic_sync.
(f x) (P x) (fun _ => Q x))%I.
Definition sync (mk_syncer: val) : val :=
λ: "f_cons" "f_seq",
let: "l" := "f_cons" #() in
λ: "f_cons" "f_seq" "l",
let: "s" := mk_syncer #() in
"s" ("f_seq" "l").
......@@ -41,11 +40,6 @@ Section atomic_sync.
( (v: val) (g': A), ϕ l g' - β x g g' v - |={E}=> Φ v)
WP f' x @ E {{ Φ }} )}}.
Definition cons_spec (f: val) (g: A) ϕ :=
Φ: val iProp Σ, heapN N
heap_ctx ( (l: val) (γ: gname), ϕ l g - gHalf γ g - gHalf γ g - Φ l)
WP f #() {{ Φ }}.
Definition synced R (f' f: val) :=
( P Q (x: val), ({{ R P x }} f x {{ v, R Q x v }}) ({{ P x }} f' x {{ v, Q x v }}))%I.
......@@ -57,19 +51,19 @@ Section atomic_sync.
heapN N
heap_ctx R ( s, (is_syncer R s) - Φ s) WP mk_syncer #() {{ Φ }}.
Lemma atomic_spec (mk_syncer f_cons f_seq: val) (ϕ: val A iProp Σ) α β Ei:
Lemma atomic_spec (mk_syncer f_cons f_seq l: val) (ϕ: val A iProp Σ) α β Ei:
(g0: A),
heapN N seq_spec f_seq ϕ α β cons_spec f_cons g0 ϕ
heapN N seq_spec f_seq ϕ α β
mk_syncer_spec mk_syncer
WP (sync mk_syncer) f_cons f_seq {{ f, γ, gHalf γ g0 x, atomic_triple' α β Ei f x γ }}.
heap_ctx ϕ l g0
WP (sync mk_syncer) f_cons f_seq l {{ f, γ, gHalf γ g0 x, atomic_triple' α β Ei f x γ }}.
iIntros (g0 HN Hseq Hcons Hsync) "#Hh". repeat wp_let.
wp_bind (f_cons _). iApply Hcons=>//. iFrame "Hh".
iIntros (l γ) "Hϕ HFull HFrag".
wp_let. wp_bind (mk_syncer _).
iIntros (g0 HN Hseq Hsync) "[#Hh Hϕ]".
iVs (own_alloc (((1 / 2)%Qp, DecAgree g0) ((1 / 2)%Qp, DecAgree g0))) as (γ) "[Hg1 Hg2]".
{ by rewrite pair_op dec_agree_idemp. }
repeat wp_let. wp_bind (mk_syncer _).
iApply (Hsync ( g: A, ϕ l g gHalf γ g)%I)=>//. iFrame "Hh".
iSplitL "HFull Hϕ".
iSplitL "Hg1 Hϕ".
{ iExists g0. by iFrame. }
iIntros (s) "#Hsyncer".
wp_let. wp_bind (f_seq _). iApply wp_wand_r.
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