Commit d5f93711 authored by Léon Gondelman's avatar Léon Gondelman
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fix the bug in the denv_delete_frac function. Really need to prove those functions.

parent da8435a2
......@@ -74,7 +74,7 @@ Section denv.
''(DenvItem lv q dv) dio;
guard (lv = ULvl);
Some (Some (DenvItem lv (q / 2) dv) :: m', (q / 2)%Qp, dv)
| S i => ''(m', q, dv) denv_delete_frac i m; Some (dio :: m', q, dv)
| S i => ''(mf, q, dv) denv_delete_frac i m'; Some (dio :: mf, q, dv)
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