Commit ab6066fe authored by Dan Frumin's avatar Dan Frumin
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Clean up denv.v

parent b81ea4fb
......@@ -712,7 +712,7 @@ Section denv_spec.
destruct m2; first done.
* simpl in *. eapply IHE with (m1 ++ [o0]).
rewrite -app_assoc. naive_solver.
Lemma denv_wf_val_mono_r E m1 m2 :
denv_wf_val E (m1 ++ m2)
......@@ -992,8 +992,6 @@ Qed.
intros. destruct m; first by naive_solver.
rewrite -!denv_interp_aux_0 denv_interp_aux_mono //.
(* destruct E; last done.
unfold denv_wf in H0. naive_solver. *)
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