Commit a169f150 authored by Léon Gondelman's avatar Léon Gondelman
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fix the proof fro sum_frac_all correctness

parent 4661f503
......@@ -217,6 +217,7 @@ Instance dval_EqDecision : EqDecision dval.
iFrame. iApply ("H" with "Hps").
Lemma sum_frac_correct E p ps:
env_ps_dv_interp E (sum_frac ps p) env_ps_dv_interp E (p :: ps).
......@@ -252,9 +253,14 @@ Instance dval_EqDecision : EqDecision dval.
- done.
- intros acc. simpl. specialize (IHps ((sum_frac acc a))). rewrite -IHps.
rewrite -env_ps_dv_interp_app. rewrite sum_frac_correct.
assert (a :: ps ++ acc = ps ++ a :: acc). admit.
rewrite H0. by rewrite !env_ps_dv_interp_app.
rewrite !app_comm_cons.
rewrite (app_comm_cons [] acc).
rewrite (app_comm_cons [] ps).
rewrite -!env_ps_dv_interp_app.
iStartProof. iSplit.
+ iIntros "[[H1 H2] H3]"; eauto with iFrame.
+ iIntros "(H1 & H2 & H3)". eauto with iFrame.
Lemma sum_frac_all_correct E ps :
env_ps_dv_interp E ps env_ps_dv_interp E (sum_frac_all ps).
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